Monday, February 07, 2011

feb 7th - Baynes (#11)

I paddled out to Cadboro Point to meet Yves in the hope of having some nice waves there. The current was building and there was a stiff SW wind, but not too much action at the point. However we could see a line of waves stretching from Jemmy Jones Island to Chatham Island so we paddled over to Strongtide and then played in some very big green waves. The Delphin performed well and I had some great surf runs. It was hard work staying with the waves as the current was fast but it was fun and I returned exhausted! It was great to get out 4 days in a row!
11 km, YTD 150 km

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Paula said...

Terrific to read your news! I wanted to get on the water today, but some programs at the University are keeping me onshore.
You're so right to mention the currents between Jemmy Jones Island and the Chathams! I admire you being able to handle them. Me, I wait til slack.