Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jan 28th - Discovery Island (#9)

I left work early and paddled out to Discovery to join Dan and Paulo, who had left earlier, for lunch. I was able to maintain a 4 knot average on my way out and then took a more relaxed route back to Caddy Bay. On our way beck, we stopped to check out a dead seal that was being fed on by an eagle. The skull, neck and shoulders were pretty much cleaned of flesh, and I wonder how much longer it will be before it is all clean. Currents were very mellow and there was virtually no wind.
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11 km, YTD 93 km

I wore the Runtastic heart monitor again and was pretty happy with the consistency of the results. The only problem I would like resolved is to be able to export the data to a decent GPX file, so that I can work with it using GPSVisualizer.
Runtastic outward track -Click to enlarge
Runtastic return track - click to enlarge

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