Monday, January 13, 2014

January 12th - Great Chain Islet (#5)

Strong SSE winds were forecast again today, so Dennis and I decided to make our way along the shore towards Oak Bay, but decided to head out towards the Chain Islets once we got to Cattle Point. Winds were ranging from 10 -20 knots during the paddle, decreasing over the course of the paddle. we had a good workout making our way out past Tod, Fiddle and Lewis Rocks to Great Chain Islet. You can see the slow progress we made on the way out and the speedy progress on the way back. On the way back we watched a sailing race and checked out a DFO/Coast Guard boat that was anchored in the bay for a while.
On our way we encountered a SUPer and noticed that he was falling in a lot, but when we spoke to him, he said he was fine and having fun. Once again I forgot to turn the GPS on until I had paddle past the yacht club!
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I decided to go back to the original Runtastic app and it recorded reliable results:
heart rate and speed graph vs time - click to enlarge

speed map from app - click to enlarge

heart rate zone map - I guess we did not work that hard! - click to enlarge

heart rate map - click to enlarge

10 km, YTD 66 km

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