Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26th - Race Rocks (#8)

Dan, Dennis, George and I gathered at 0730 at Killarney Kayak Base to load up the truck with our 4 kayaks and head out to Pedder Bay. We were on the water just before 9 and out at Race Rocks by 10. It was pretty foggy when we started, but it was lifting as we paddled out. By the time we left Rocky Point we could easily see the lighthouse. There were lots of Steller sea lions and a few California sea lions on the southernmost of the Race Rocks group, and we gave them a nice wide berth as we did not want to disturb them. We then saw the northern elephant seals on the islet between Great Race and West Race rocks. I am not sure if we saw the family with the new pup, but there was a huge male at the water's edge and then a largish female or younger male as well as a good sized pup - perhaps last year's?
We managed to time the paddle for slack tide (thanks Dennis!) and made our way back over to Bentinck Island and back to Pedder Bay where we stopped in for delicious Thai chicken soup or chili - both excellent!
Today was also the day I tried out my new 200 weight fleece hoodie made by Paulo of Comfort Paddling. It was so comfortable and warm - just right for today's cool January weather!
A great winter's day paddle!
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15 km, YTD 82 km

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