Thursday, January 02, 2014

January 2nd - Discovery Island and Heart Rate (#2)

Dan and I went for a late morning paddle around Discovery. The weather was a bit rainy and cool, but my Comfort paddling tuilik did a good job of keeping me dry. I picked up a Runtastic bluetooth heart rate monitor yesterday at Future Shop and decided to test it out today. I had some trouble getting it connected to begin with and did not have it properly connected until we got to Staines islet. However, once I had done things properly it did a good job of recording my heart rate, speed and position over the trip. Here are some screen shots from the Note 3 and the Runtastic app. Dan made me paddle hard between kms 11 and 12! I am quite inmpressed with the data gathering and display options of the app and will continue to explore it. The app also said that I expended 1500 Calories on the trip! That would explain my hunger when I got home!

Heart Rate
Heart Rate Zone


heart rate graph

heart rate graph with "zones"
I was able to export the data to a gpx file and plot it using the trusty GPS Visualizer site :
The normal speed plot for my GPS
the heart rate data plot from the gpx file
I had some trouble getting the HR data to plot without gaps. Hope to fix this soon...
I also have a screenshot from the runtastic web site which shows the graph data and the map together.:
Runtastic screenshot
More than anything, this data confirmed that our paddles are a good workout and burn a fair number of calories! It will be interesting to compare the profiles for some different styles of paddles that I do.

15 km, YTD 30 km

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