Sunday, February 26, 2006

February 26th - D'Arcy Island

Mike, John, Doug, Heike, Craig, Tony and I set out from Agate Beach and mad our way out to D’Arcy Island. It was a solid 4 mile crossing on the way out and back with quite a bit of a side wind which made paddling a bit uncomfortable. However we made good progress both ways. We had lunch at the park site and then visited Phil on Little D’Arcy briefly. His place had suffered some damage during the recent winter storms. There were a couple of nice eagles on D’Arcy. Doug and I did a bit of beach combing and returned with various floats.

2006_02_26_darcy10.3 miles, 19 km, YTD 163 km.

Today’s shots:

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Portland Island - February 19th

Bill, Craig, Dennis, John, Paolo, Heike, Doug, and I went for a nice paddle out to and around Portland Island. The weather was sunny and calm – almost too hot when paddling, but still chilly when we stopped for lunch. There was ice on a nearby beach.

 2006_02_19_portland    11.3 nm, 20 km, 144 km YTD










Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cadboro Bay - Feb 18th 2006

I took a group of four students and another  houseparent from the school for a short paddle in Cadboro Bay. It was the first paddle i the ocean for some of them and we had a nice, calm paddle along the North shore of Cadboro bay out to Flower Island.

Distance 2.5 nm (4 km) YTD: 124 km

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cadboro Bay to Trial Island - Feb 12

Tony, Roscoe, Craig and I put in at Cadboro Bay and paddled along the shore to Trial island where we stopped for a nice lunch in the sunshine. Not bad for February! We spent a few minutes after lunch playing in the currents in between the Trial Islands – there were a few standing waves. We then made our way back, leisurely, to Cabdoro Bay along the shoreline.

2006_feb_12_trialisland The track for the day. 10 nm, 18 km, (YTD 120 km)