Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31 - Sidney Island - (#100)

Dan, Heike, Paulo, John and I set out from Amherst to paddle around Sidney Island. There were some reasonably strong winds forecast, but these did not materialise. It was alonger paddle than I have done in the past few weeks, so I was pretty tired at the end. The Tahe Greenland performed well in some chop at the south end of Sidney and was a good choice for the day. Paulo and I did some rolling at the end of the day.

ScreenShot211 26 km, 14.5 NM, YTD 1166 km

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oct 25 - Discovery (#99)

Dan and I set out fairly early from the end of Killarney to paddle around Discovery, planning to be back by noon. Conditions were better than predicted andthe winds were quite light. I was paddling the Tahe Greenland which continues to impress me with its handling. I was able to practice some of the strokes I learned with Shawna and Leon yesterday and hope to do more in the pool tonight. I saw Liam and Sheila in Rudlin bay where they were doing a guides’ exam. Hard to believe that this is paddle #99  of the year and we staill have over two months of paddling to go!

ScreenShot207 16 km, 8 NM, YTD 1139 km.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oct 24th - Shawna and Leon Clinic (#98)

I participated in a strokes clinic put on by SISKA with Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme. We had a great morning improving our strokes and also learning some good teaching techniques. I definitely improved my bow rudder, bow draw and bow jam strokes – a great morning! (and I also really enjoyed their talk up at UVic last night on their Haida Gwaii trip!)

ScreenShot206 4 km, 2NM, YTD 1123 km

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 11th - Discovery (#97)

Dennis and I went out for an afternoon paddle around Discovery. We stopped briefly at the yacht club to have a look at a Megabyte which is for sale. We also touched land for a few mins in Rudlin Bay to take a break. I was paddling the Tahe Greenland but did no rolling as there was a bit of a nip in the air! There was a bit of an ebb building as the afternoon progressed and it  gave us a bit of a push in a couple of spots. The Tahe is a nice fast boat!

ScreenShot205 15 km, 8 NM, YTD 1119 km.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

September30-Oct 4 - Vargas Island (#93-96)

I co led (with JF) a group of grade 11 students on a paddling trip around Vargas Island. Due to an extra trip back to Tofino from Milties Beach, I ended up paddling 49 km (instead of 32 km). After some heavy rain during our first night we had calm conditions and mostly sunny weather for the rest of the trip. We took a day “off” on “Fingers” beach. Amazing weather for the west coast AND October!

ScreenShot202 49 km, 26 NM, YTD 1104 km