Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 19th - Pine Point Pautik Camp (#39)

We had a great morning of rolling practice and then lunch. After lunch a group of us went for a paddle up the lake in the hopes of catching the afternoon winds again. The winds never materialised, but we had a great paddle anyway. Dan and I decided to head back to Victoria on Saturday evening, so after some time spent chatting with other "pautikers" we set off for Victoria via Duncan where we had a great meal at "Noodles of the World"!
I had a great weekend meeting fellow Greenland pautikers  and am looking forward to next year! The walk in sites at Pine Point worked out well for our group.
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boats on the beach at the pautik camp - click to enlarge

14 km, YTD 468 km

May 18th - Pine Point Pautik Camp (#38)

Dan and I drove up to Cowichan Lake early Friday afternoon and were the first of the group to arrive at Pine Point Rec Site for the Pautik Camp. There was a building westerly wind, so Dan and I set out for a paddle out to some islets into a 15 knot or so wind. It was the second paddle for my new Tahe Greenland T and it did well in the waves. We then had a tail wind and waves to push us back to the camp site and managed to catch a bunch of great rides on the waves. As you can see from the track, the speeds were a bit different each way!
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Soon after our return, the camp began to fill up with a good turnout of Greenland Paddlers!

5 km, YTD 454 km

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16th - Brentwood Bay (#37)

I went for a delightful afternoon paddle with 6 colleagues (Heather, Jane, Min, Harumi, David and Clayton) during a break in meetings at the Brentwood bay lodge. We had wonderful weather and conditions and poked our noses into Tod Inlet. Hopefully a great first paddle for Harumi! It was also the first paddle for my new Tahe Greenland T (HD model)
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4 km, YTD 449 km

Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11th - Cadboro Bay (#36)

Dan, James and I went for an afternoon paddle out in the bay to do some rolling practice. The water is warming up as was evidenced by the algal bloom that was starting. We had to paddle to the next bay after loon bay to find clear water. James helped me work on my forward finishing butterfly/brace recovery and it was neat how a couple of good pointers made it happen consistently! I now have a reliable forward finishing recovery from a face down static brace. We also worked on my elbow roll and that too showed progress... Time to get back into the rolling habit!
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3km, YTD 445 km

Sunday, May 06, 2012

May 6th - Oak Bay (#35)

I paddled over to willows Beach to help lead a SISKA relaxed paddle to look at intertidal and subtidal life with Dave G and Jennie. Conditions were nice, though there were a few ripples that made viewing a bit harder. In spite of that, we had great luck sighting lots of seaweeds and creatures. I was able to find a couple of nudibranchs - probably orange sea lemons.
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You can see my paddle to and from Caddy bay was a bit faster than the intertidal "browse". On the way back with David A, I ran into Dennis, Sue, Lyn and Morely who were returning from an overnight on Discovery.
9 km, YTD 442 km