Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 23rd - Discovery (#61)

Dan and I went for a quick morning paddle around Discovery Island. There was little tide action, though an ebb was building. We were able to maintain a moving average of 6.9 kph (3.7 kt) for the trip.
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15 km, YTD 713 km

Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 18th - Discovery Island (#60)

Pete, George and I set out for a morning paddle out to discovery Island. There was a good current running and we managed to ferry our way across to Strongtide. On our way over,I was sure that I had seen Dan and Paulo (based on two boats with Greenland paddles etc), but I could not catch up with them. We barely managed to make our way through the channel between Strongtide and Vantreight, but then used the current to take us down between the Chathams and out around Discovery. Pete was paddling my Greenland LC which he seemed to like alot! Once we rounded into Rudlin Bay, we saw two paddlers on the beach who sure enough turned out to be Paulo and Dan. We had a good snack break with them and then paddled together over to Jemmy Jones were we split, us for Caddy bay and them for Maynard Cove.
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A great first paddle after a month out of the country! By the time we were on our way back, the current was fortunately much less!
16 km, YTD 697 km.

Friday, August 17, 2012

August 12th - Lake Annecy (#59)

I got together with Yannick Sevi of Alpine Paddle, who I had met via Pautik and Facebook for a paddle on Lake Annecy. Yannick supplied me with his Greenland Style CS Canoe and a nice paddle so I did not have to use any of my own gear. We had a great paddle from our launch spot all the way up to the town of Annecy and back. The weather was glorious and we both did several rolls to coll down at various times during the day. It was great to meet up with a local paddler and Greenland paddling enthusiast and spend a glorious day on the lake. Thanks Yannick!
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Unfortunately I goofed with my tracking app and did not record the third leg properly...
30 km, YTD 681 km.

July 28- Aug 4 - The Saône River (#s 52-58)

Monica, Sharon, Bill and I spent a week on a river boat cruising down the Saône River in France. We started in Gray and finished near Louhans. I brought two Feathercraft Wispers with us and they made 8 outings during the week.I assembled them our first morning and kept them on the deck all week.

Heuilley-sur-Saône:  I went for a short "test" paddle over the lunch break and discovered that it was possible to get in and out of the kayak directly from the boat! (3 km). I had not figured out the tracking app on my phone by this point so there are no speeds.
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Auxonne: Bill and I went for an evening paddle down the canal and then back up into the marina. (Monica and Bill went for another paddle down the canal the next morning) (6 km)
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St. Jean de Losne:  Bill and I went for a before breakfast paddle up the Saône and then up a small creek. A kayak was a great way to see the river. (8 km)
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Verdun: Bill and I went for another morning paddle around the island of Verdun and saw the extent of past floods that reached 8 m above the current level! (4.5 km)
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Verdun to Gergy: I went for a solo paddle down the river and waited for the boat to catch me up in an hour or two. I was able to catch a short ride on the bow wave of a river boat. (10.5 km)
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Tournous: Bill and I went for a paddle down the river while Monica and Sharon cruised in the boat. (6 km)
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La Truchere: Bill and I went for our last paddle up the Seuille and back. Another magical morning with mist on the water as we began the day. (9 km)
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47 km, YTD: 651
The overall picture!