Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jan 28th - Discovery Island (#9)

I left work early and paddled out to Discovery to join Dan and Paulo, who had left earlier, for lunch. I was able to maintain a 4 knot average on my way out and then took a more relaxed route back to Caddy Bay. On our way beck, we stopped to check out a dead seal that was being fed on by an eagle. The skull, neck and shoulders were pretty much cleaned of flesh, and I wonder how much longer it will be before it is all clean. Currents were very mellow and there was virtually no wind.
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11 km, YTD 93 km

I wore the Runtastic heart monitor again and was pretty happy with the consistency of the results. The only problem I would like resolved is to be able to export the data to a decent GPX file, so that I can work with it using GPSVisualizer.
Runtastic outward track -Click to enlarge
Runtastic return track - click to enlarge

Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26th - Race Rocks (#8)

Dan, Dennis, George and I gathered at 0730 at Killarney Kayak Base to load up the truck with our 4 kayaks and head out to Pedder Bay. We were on the water just before 9 and out at Race Rocks by 10. It was pretty foggy when we started, but it was lifting as we paddled out. By the time we left Rocky Point we could easily see the lighthouse. There were lots of Steller sea lions and a few California sea lions on the southernmost of the Race Rocks group, and we gave them a nice wide berth as we did not want to disturb them. We then saw the northern elephant seals on the islet between Great Race and West Race rocks. I am not sure if we saw the family with the new pup, but there was a huge male at the water's edge and then a largish female or younger male as well as a good sized pup - perhaps last year's?
We managed to time the paddle for slack tide (thanks Dennis!) and made our way back over to Bentinck Island and back to Pedder Bay where we stopped in for delicious Thai chicken soup or chili - both excellent!
Today was also the day I tried out my new 200 weight fleece hoodie made by Paulo of Comfort Paddling. It was so comfortable and warm - just right for today's cool January weather!
A great winter's day paddle!
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15 km, YTD 82 km

Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 18/19 - Surge Narrows (#6&7)

George and I went up to Campbell River for the weekend to visit Alan and paddle Surge Narrows again. On Saturday we were joined by Jonathan and Brent and on Sunday by Brad. Weather conditions were excellent for paddling at this time of year with no precipitation. The wave was good on both days, though on Sunday it never developed as well as on Saturday and was hard to get on to at times. As always I learned more about Linux from Alan as well as some great weather sites. The Delphin and Werner Shuna combination worked well for me this time.

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11 km, YTD 67 km

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 12th - Great Chain Islet (#5)

Strong SSE winds were forecast again today, so Dennis and I decided to make our way along the shore towards Oak Bay, but decided to head out towards the Chain Islets once we got to Cattle Point. Winds were ranging from 10 -20 knots during the paddle, decreasing over the course of the paddle. we had a good workout making our way out past Tod, Fiddle and Lewis Rocks to Great Chain Islet. You can see the slow progress we made on the way out and the speedy progress on the way back. On the way back we watched a sailing race and checked out a DFO/Coast Guard boat that was anchored in the bay for a while.
On our way we encountered a SUPer and noticed that he was falling in a lot, but when we spoke to him, he said he was fine and having fun. Once again I forgot to turn the GPS on until I had paddle past the yacht club!
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I decided to go back to the original Runtastic app and it recorded reliable results:
heart rate and speed graph vs time - click to enlarge

speed map from app - click to enlarge

heart rate zone map - I guess we did not work that hard! - click to enlarge

heart rate map - click to enlarge

10 km, YTD 66 km

January 11th - Chatham Island (#4)

Dan, Paulo and I went for a morning paddle, hoping to avoid the worst of the forecast winds. We worked hard paddling against the wind as we made our way to Jemmy Jones and then to Chatham. The winds were probably in the 15 to 20 knot range so we had a good workout getting there. We then paddled around west Chatham and surfed our way back from Heritage Point.You can see a dramatic difference in the track speeds for the way out and back.
I was still experimenting with heart rate monitors and the app I was using did not work that well. it allowed me to accidentally pause recording while it was in a dry bag... I also forgot to turn the gps on for the first few hundred metres!
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10 km, YTD 56 km

Saturday, January 04, 2014

January 3rd - Glencoe Cove (#3)

I led a SISKA paddle from Cadboro Bay to Glencoe Cove. There were 18 of us in all and we had good conditions. There was a reasonably strong ebb around ten mile and Cadboro points that slowed us down , but made for a good "energizer" paddle. Winds were a little stronger than originally forecast - 5 to 10 knots instead of 0 to 5 - but nothing untoward. Glencoe cove was a perfect spot to lunch at since it faced south to the sun and was in the lee of the wind. I was able to share some background of some of the local place names like Glencoe, Finnerty, ten mile, Cadboro, Staines etc with the group. I had gleaned the info from the wonderful raincoast place names book by Andrew Scott. I continued to test the heart rate monitor, but I seem to have had some trouble getting it to connect properly (and then I think I forgot to unpause it after lunch!) - the jury is still out on the device! On our way back I stopped to check my crab traps. There was one nice big red rock crab in one of the traps. When I reached the beach I ran into a past student of mine, Fraser, and we had a good chat.
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16 km, YTD 46 km.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Mike's 2013 paddling year in review

I thought I would post some stats for my 2013 paddling year...

92 paddles, 1063 km, (742 paddles logged and 9327 km!)

My eighth year of the paddling blog. I have managed to go over the 1000 km goal each year.

Year Paddles Distance (km)
2013 92 1063
2012 87 1001
2011 105 1217
2010 124 1214
2009 116 1381
2008 75 1080
2007 66 1098
2006 77 1273
Total 742 9327

Countries paddled: Canada, Peru, Ecuador (Galapagos)

Highlights of the year included paddling in the highest navigable lake in the world, paddling in Galapagos, completing another leg of my "round the island" mission and "mini-mothershippping" with Monica aboard Natural C-lection in Kyuquot Sound and the Broughtons.

Most of what I said in my 2011 review (http://mhjpaddling.blogspot.ca/2011/12/mjs-2011-year-of-paddling-in-review.html) remains true. Most of my paddles are out of Caddy Bay, Dan and Paulo remain my most regular companions, I still paddle a Tahe Greenland, but now I have an expedition duty Greenland T as my every day boat. The bib and tuilik are still my paddling gear of choice for most of the year. I still use GPSVisualizer for plotting my tracks downloaded from my Etrex Legend HCx
2013 Cadboro Bay/Oak bay tracks

January 2nd - Discovery Island and Heart Rate (#2)

Dan and I went for a late morning paddle around Discovery. The weather was a bit rainy and cool, but my Comfort paddling tuilik did a good job of keeping me dry. I picked up a Runtastic bluetooth heart rate monitor yesterday at Future Shop and decided to test it out today. I had some trouble getting it connected to begin with and did not have it properly connected until we got to Staines islet. However, once I had done things properly it did a good job of recording my heart rate, speed and position over the trip. Here are some screen shots from the Note 3 and the Runtastic app. Dan made me paddle hard between kms 11 and 12! I am quite inmpressed with the data gathering and display options of the app and will continue to explore it. The app also said that I expended 1500 Calories on the trip! That would explain my hunger when I got home!

Heart Rate
Heart Rate Zone


heart rate graph

heart rate graph with "zones"
I was able to export the data to a gpx file and plot it using the trusty GPS Visualizer site :
The normal speed plot for my GPS
the heart rate data plot from the gpx file
I had some trouble getting the HR data to plot without gaps. Hope to fix this soon...
I also have a screenshot from the runtastic web site which shows the graph data and the map together.:
Runtastic screenshot
More than anything, this data confirmed that our paddles are a good workout and burn a fair number of calories! It will be interesting to compare the profiles for some different styles of paddles that I do.

15 km, YTD 30 km

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

January 1st - Discovery (#1)

Dennis and I set out for an early morning paddle around Discovery. On our way out I dropped off a small crab trap with an old fish head in it on the off chance there might be a crab on the menu. Conditions were excellent with a diminishing ebb current turning to a weak flood so we had little current to worry about. I stopped near Seabird Point to look for some more trap buoys, but no luck. When we rounded into Rudlin bay, we saw a paddler on the beach who turned out to be Paulo who had spent the night there! We chatted and then headed back all together. The crab trap had nothing in it, so I left it down until my next paddle - I guess that will have to be soon!
A great way to start the year!
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15 km, YTD 15 km.