Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 29th - Chatham (#107)

George, Joan, Dan and I went for a morning paddle out to Chatham Island. It was a bit wavy launching and I managed to fill my Tahe Greenland cockpit while launching. Joan paddled the F1 and seem to really enjoy it. The tide was high enough that we were able to visit “cactus islet” in the middle of East Chatham.


13 km, 7 NM, YTD: 1256 km

Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 28th - Elk Lake( #106)

I helped Gary to coach a forward stroke clinic for SISKA. We had a classroom session in the morning and then a on water session in the afternoon. I picked up a few pointers and it was wierd using a euro paddle for a change!


Interesting mix of satellite and air photo resolution in this track image!

5 km, 3 NM, YTD 1243


Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22nd - Oak Bay (#105)

Dan, Dorothea and I went out for a morning paddle around Oak Bay. I took the F1 for a change and enjoyed it! After the 50+ knot winds of last night it was a surprise to see how calm things had become. We had a light westerly wind and a moderate ebb. We made our way to Great Chain Island and then through the various chain islets and then over to Chatham. We went through the sluice and then through the “dry channel” which is hardly ever underwater – today it was. There was a bit of standing wave action in Baynes but not enough to keep on busy! We then made our way over to the mooring area  to inspect the various boats that were still on moorings!

ScreenShot22513 km, 7 NM, YTD: 1238 km

Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15th - SISKA paddle to Sooke Basin (#104)

I led a group of 11 paddlers on a paddle in Sooke Basin. Our original plan was to paddle outside to Cabin Point, but the winds were forecast to be in the 20 knot range, so I decided to paddle the basin. As it turned out the strong winds never materialized and we had a delightful paddle along the south shore of Sooke Basin from Whiffen Spit to Anderson Cove and back via the Goodridge Islets. There was a light drizzle, but not enough to dampen spirits. We also took a look at the burnt out hulk of the boat that has been in the basin for a couple of years now – what a mess of metal!


IMGP1533 IMGP1529 IMGP1529 The burnt out boat!

18.5 km, 10 NM, YTD 1225 km.

 BTW, on Saturday I went surfing at Jordan river and had a fun time in my surf boat… nice waves and no wind:

 this gives an idea of what it was like.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nov 11 - Chatham Island (#103)

Dennis, Gordin and I set out for an afternoon paddle from caddy bay. I got off work early after our Rememberance ceremonies and we were on the water around 1:30. We made our way out to Baynes where there were some good sized waves – we had fun surfing. I was very happy with how the Tahe Greenland performed (though I had to roll it once when I got sideswiped by a wall of water!). We then made our way over to Chatham (big current push) played in the “sluice” and made our way around West Chatham and back via Jemmy Jones. Saw David K, Ian and Nigel on David’s boat while out in Baynes.

ScreenShot214 13 km, 7 NM, YTD 1207 km

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Nov 7th - Oak Bay (#102)

Dan, Dennis and I set out from Caddy Bay to paddle around Chatham, Discovery and Trial Islands. We though we would have a significant current assist, but we only had it for a bit…  As we set out from the bay there were a couple of sailboats on the beach that had washed ashore in the recent blows. I am glad I brought mine in a few weeks ago. We had good weather, no significant wind and sun for most of the time except for the last half hour or so were we had some hail and heavy rain (for a few mins). It was neat to do a paddle with such a high tide – new places to paddle over! I took the NF Shadow for a change and it performed well. We had a nice lunch break in sunshine on the north Trial islet.

IMGP1515 rain and hail by Gonzales point.IMGP1512 boat on caddy bay beach!

ScreenShot213 22 km, 12 NM, YTD 1194 km


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

November 4th - Cadboro Bay (#101)

Dan and I went for an afternoon paddle and roll in Caddy Bay. I snuck out early from work and we did a warm up paddle to 10 mile point. Nice afternoon and fun rolling!


6 km, 3.5 NM, YTD: 1172 km