Sunday, November 07, 2021

November 6th - Cadboro Point (#77)

Polly and I went out for a morning paddle to Cadboro Point. Conditions were a bit lumpy but not too bad. In spit of there not being much tide change the current was ebbing strongly at Cadboro Point. I was paddling the F! while Polly paddled the Tahe. This might be one of the last paddles of the year for me since I am heading south soon...

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6 km, YTD 707 km.

Friday, November 05, 2021

November 5th - Cattle Point (#76)

I went for a solo paddle out to Cattle point. As I went through the RVYC, I stopped by Andante and had a good chat with Dennis. The birding was good and I saw nearly 50 black oystercatchers! I was also pleasantly surprised to see a pair of rhinoceros auklets.

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6 km YDT 701 km

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

November 3rd - Cadboro Bay (#75)

I went for a nice paddle around the bay with my neighbour, Ally. We more or less managed to squeeze a paddle in within a weather window as it started raining a bit when we returned. Out at Cadboro Point the waves were quite lumpy so we decided not to cross Baynes Channel and instead paddle to Jemmy Jones and Cattle Point. We saw a good selection of birds: - 18 species.

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8 km, YTD 695 km