Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21 - rolling in Caddy bay (#52)

Dan and I went for a morning of rolling practice in Caddy bay. Some in Loon Bay, some by Staines Islet, some in Sheep cove and some back at Killarney. Wonderfully calm! I worked on getting my head back and could really tell the difference.
4 km, 2 NM, YTD 596 km.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 20th - Chatham Islands (#51)

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I took Mary, Tim, Fraser and Charlotte for a paddle out to the Chatham Islands. Conditions were cool but calm and pleasant and we had a very nice paddle as well as a picnic in "no name"/"swing" bay. We saw guillemots, auklets, plent of geese, seals and herons.
11 km, 6 NM, YTD 592 km

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17th - Caddy Bay (#50)

I went for a morning paddle with Holly, Rachel, Emily and Kelsey (from SMUS) around Caddy Bay. Conditions were decent and we had fun puttering along the north and south shores of Caddy Bay. We saw Black Oystercatchers, Great Blue Herons, River Otters, Rhinoceros Auklets and plenty of Canada Geese!
Happy to have the 50th paddle in before the year is half done!
8 KM, 4 NM, YTD 581 km.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12th - snowbirds (#49)

Dan, Dennis, Scott, Mark, Christine and I set out from McNeill Bay to paddle towards Royal Roads to view the navy ships and the snowbird show. The paddling was good and the show was spectacular. We had favourable currents both ways.


17 km, 9 NM, YTD 575 km.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 10 - Cadboro Bay and Elk Lake (#47 and 48)

I went for a short paddle over to Loon Bay with Steve who wanted to try out my Cape Falcon F1 and Disko Bay. He seemed to enjoy them both and had no problem paddling the Disko bay.
In the evening Dan and I went to Elk lake to do some rolling practice and coaching with SISKA.
2 km, 1 NM, YTD 558 km

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

June 1 to 8 - Broughton Archipelago (#s 42-46)

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I co led a school trip to the Broughton archipelago again with two other leaders and eight students. We had excellent conditions overall - favourable currents, little wind and a bit of rain on the first day.
We took a water taxi to Echo Bay (great visit to Billy Proctor's museum) and then made our way back to Telegrtaph Cove. We stopped in the Fox group and on Owl Island (I took an extra 10 km paddle around Owl by myself late one afternoon) as well as Mound and Hanson Islands. We also visited Village and Berry Islands.
74 km, 40 NM, YTD: 556 km