Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 27 - Gabriola Island (#92)

Monica and I went up to Gabriola so I could participate in the fall SKGABC guides’ exchange. It was great meeting new people with a similar interest and I also got quite a few good ideas. It was also fun to show off the Tahe Greenland. Everyone who tried it seem to come up with a big grin after their first butterfly roll! On Sunday we went to Drumbeg Park and Gabriola passage to play around in the currents. I continue to be impressed with how well the Tahe Greenland handles.

4 km, 2 NM, YTD 1055 km  ScreenShot200


Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 20th - Sidney Spit Cleanup (#91)

Corinne, Roger, Duncan, Dennis and I set out From Amherst to paddle over to Sidney spit to do a SISKA cleanup of Sidney Spit as part of the RD great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Conditions were excellent with a reasonable ebb in the morning which turned to a gentle flood after lunch. We paddled over to the Flower Group and then to Dock Island for some scenic variey and encountered a little bit of current in between the islands. From Dock Island we caught the current to Sidney Spit, avoiding the many racing sailboats. We landed at the north tip of the spit and then proceeded to do our cleanup. Much of the debris was miscellaneous plastic bits and pieces and pieces of styrofoam. We had a nice paddle straight over to Sidney on the return and I did some rolling in the Tahe Greenland when we were back at the beach.


10 Km, 5 NM, YTD 1041 km

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Light station destaffing

It has come to my attention that the Government wishes to destaff and automate more lightstations on the west coast. Having seen many of these stations and met the keepers, I do not support this proposal and encourage you to sign the petition at and let your friends know about this.


Saturday, September 05, 2009

September 5th - Fulford harbour (#90)

Monica and i set out for a paddle from a beach near Kellie and Eric’s in Fulford Harbour. We went over to visit the Jackson Islets (which are called “eyelets” on the Oysteractcher conservation sign!) and then over to Russel Island and then back over towards Eleanor Point.

ScreenShot192 8 km, 4 NM, YTD 1041 km