Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan 31st - Discovery and two Tahes! (#11)

Dan, Paulo, Dennis and I set out for a morning paddle around the islands. It was an auspicious morning since it was the first time that Dan’s new Tahe Greenland T was in the water. In a nutshell he loves it. It seems to have the performance of the Greenland but also fits Dan well. Due to an ear infection Dan was not able to try rolling it (and we felt that he should be the first to roll it!), but it looks like it will work very nicely. I liked the little day hatch and the bow lines and toggles.

18 km, 10 NM, YTD 164 km – not bad for January! ScreenShot264

IMGP1608 IMGP1602 IMGP1620IMGP1631 IMGP1636

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 30 - Rum Island (#10)

Dan, Mike and I set out nice and early from Amherst to paddle out to Rum Island. Conditions were calm with light rain and I was paddling my Shadow. There was a reasonably strong current ebbing between Dock and Forrest, but we made it past the north end of Forrest and then caught the flow to Gooch. It was neat to see all the sandstone and conglomerate formations again. Mike broughht out his large Kelly kettle and we had hot water and some very welcome hot chocolate! It feels good to have 10 paddles and almost 150 km under my belt by the end of January!

19 km, 10 NM, YTD 146 km.ScreenShot263

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24th - Spectacle falls (#9)

I joined a SISKA energizer paddle led by Jennie from Brentwood Bay to Spectacle falls and back. The fourteen of us went by way of Bamberton and came back by way of McKenzie Bight (where I practiced a few rolls in my Tahe). Conditions were cool and a bit damp, but the forecast winds did not materialize in Saanich Inlet.

19 km, 10 NM, YTD 127 kmScreenShot259

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20th - Rolling the bay (#8)

Dan and I went out for an afternoon paddle in the bay. dan had his newly made Tuilik and his Gulfstream and I was paddling the Disko Bay with my Brooks Tuilik. We made our way out to Maynard Cove and back, stopping in virtually every cove to try some rolls and braces. Conditions were good and fun was had. you can see all the spots on the track log where we stopped to roll.


7 km, 4NM, YTD 108 km

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan 17th - Discovery (#7)

Dennis and I went out from Cadboro Bay to paddle out and around Chatham and Discovery Islands. Paula joined us out to a little past Jemmy Jones. The wind was not that strong but there was reasonable wave and current action – especially out around Seabird point. It was nice to be out in some waves and swell but not have to fight a wind! I had some nice surf rides with the F1. Good to make the first 100 km for the year!

16 km, 9 nm, ytd 101 KM ScreenShot256 ScreenShot257

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan 16th - Oak Bay ((#6)

Dan, George, Paulo and I set out from Caddy bay for a paddle around the islands. After rounding Commodore point we decided to head over to the Chain group and then over to Oak Bay Marina where we stopped for coffe, seal watching and some lunch on a dock! Another great day on the water. I was paddling the Tahe – I like the footpegs better inverted (I switched right for left a couple of days ago to see if that was more comfortable – fortunately Dan has long enough arms to reach them!)

20 km, 11 NM, YTD 85 km ScreenShot255 IMGP1587

IMGP1583 IMGP1585

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jan 10th - Sooke Harbour and River (#5)

Monica and I went to Whiffen Spit where we joined Ken, David and Graham for a nice VSKN paddle through Sooke Harbour and then up the river a ways where we stopped for lunch at the second rapid. Conditions were decent with an ebbing tide all day so the ride back was fast! I was in the Tahe and Monica the F1 – light boats are great!

ScreenShot254 13 KM, 7 NM, YTD 65 km

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Jan 9th - towing Clinic (#4)

I led a towing clinic for SISKA in Cadboro Bay. We spent about an hour on the beach discussing techniques and equipment and then spent an hour or two on the water putting things into practice. There were 10 of us all together and we had a productive time.

3 km, 1.5 NM, YTD 52 km ScreenShot253

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Jan 5th - Chatham, discovery and Trial Islands (#3)

Dan and I set out early for a paddle out to our favourite islands, but decided to make it a bit longer today as there was a good ebb current running. Conditions were a bit bumpy in a couple of places were the current was hitting Chatham, but things were generally pretty flat. I took the Tahe for one of its longest trips thus far and it performed well. You can see our speed was not so good on the return from Trial as we were paddling into the wind. It was good to sneak a last paddle before heading back to work!

23 km, 12.5 NM, YTD 49 km.ScreenShot251 ScreenShot252

Sunday, January 03, 2010

January 3rd - Moresby Island (#2)

Dan, Mike and I set out from Amherst for a paddle out to Moresby Island. Conditions were excellent, though there was a solid ebb current all day. We went to Seymour point and then wended our way down the west shore of Moresby until we found a nice beach and point for lunch. Mike brought out his Kelly Kettle which did a fine job of boiling water using a few twigs.

IMGP1571 Tahe Greenland on the beach IMGP1579 The Kelly kettle in action

ScreenShot250 20 km, 11 NM, YTD: 26 km

Friday, January 01, 2010

Jan 1st 2010 - Cadboro Point (#1)

Seasonn and I set out from Killarney to paddle out to Caboro Point. The tide was very high (Oak bay 10 ft) and there were some waves crashing on the beach so launching was interesting. I managed to get Seasonn out in the Sirocco without getting her wet but had to pump out the F1 after I was off the beach. We tried to come back through the RVYC marina, but the tide was too high to pass under the bridge – a first for me!

A great start to the paddling year.

ScreenShot249 6.5 km, 3.5 NM, YTD 6 km.