Sunday, September 24, 2006

September 24th - Discovery Island - #64

Tony, Gordin, George, Paulo, Simon and I made an earlyish start (9AM OTW) setting out from Cadboro Bay for a very nice day’s paddle around Chatham Island. Visited a colleague, Douglas on his sailboat, had a nice lunch break looking out at the freighters on the south side of Discovery. I was testing out some new greenland paddles…

ScreenShot048 9.5 nm, 17.6 km, YTD: 1046

33wrimgp4827_resize 33wrimgp4834_resize


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Visits since July...

I was quite suprised to see how many visits there have been as well as their sources…

September 17 Portland Island (#63)

Mike, George, Kent, Paolo, Dennis and I headed out early from Amherst (8:30 OTW) and paddled around Portland Island. We stopped for “brunch” on the northeast corner of Portland – just after a student group from SMUS left. The day was damp on and off, but the predicted winds never materialized. We ran into another SMUS group when we returned to Amherst. I paddled the wisper and it performed well – needed the skeg in the morning though.

2006_09_17_portland 11 nm, 20.4 km,  YTD : 1028

Friday, September 01, 2006

Sidney Island, September 1, #62 - made it to 1000 km!

Well, I finally made it to my 1000 km goal – 4 months ahead of schedule!

Paulo and I set off from Island View Beach to paddle around Sidney. The paddle was uneventful but very nice. There was a bit of current and wind, but nothing significant. We kept up a good pace with a few stops (every 5 miles or so) and made it to 16 miles.

I got Paulo to take a photo at the 1000 km mark and I reciprocated.

33wrimgp4823_resizeMJ makes it to 1000 km! 33wrimgp4825_resizePaulo assists!

2006_09_01_sidney 16 nm, 29.7 km, YTD 1008