Thursday, June 29, 2006

Upcoming plans

Pete, George and I are planning to paddle from Winter Harbour to Nootka Sound between July 17 and 27th. More details to follow… the trip should be a little over 200 km.


This is a link to the full google map version: You can zoom into fine detail for some areas with google maps.


June 28th - Chatham Island (29)

Tony and I set out early from Smugglers cove and padded over to Chatham. It was another beautiful sunny day. There was a solid ebb current running, but no waves. We had to work to make our way back to 10 mile point! Great morning and bac home by noon!

2006_06_28_chatham 5.8 nm, 10.7 km, YTD 430 km.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Discovery Island June 25th (28)

Gordin, George, Gerard, Mark and I set off from Cadboro Bay on a beautiful sunny day. We paddled out to 10 mile point and then over to Chatham and around Discovery. After lunche we paddled over to Oak Bay/Willows Beach via the chain islets and followed the shore back to Cadboro Bay. Perfect conditions. Currents were in our favour both ways!

2006_06_25_discovery18.8 km, 10.1 nm, YTD 419 km




Sunday, June 18, 2006

June 18th Rum Island (#27)

Heike, Dennis and I set off from Amherst to go to Rum Island. We had a very nice uneventful paddle with a long lunch break on Rum Island. The current ran strong aswe made our way back towards Dock Islets.

S1isimg_3751 S1isimg_3770 S1isimg_3773


2006_06_18_rum_kn nautical unit version…

 10.5 nm, 19.5 km (YTD 399 km)