Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feb 26th - Baynes SAREX (#16)

I coordinated a group of 13 SISKA paddlers to venture out into Baynes to do a kayaker rescue exercise with Oak Bay Sea Rescue. We set our selves up by Strongtide island and then had our two swimmers enter the water. OBSR crew were on scene quickly and had the swimmers out of the water quite quickly. Once again this was a useful exercise for the kayakers and the sea rescue crew.
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12 km, YTD 170 km

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feb 23 - Chatham (#15)

Dan and I went for an afternoon paddle over to Chatham. I did not get out last weekend as I was in Vancouver for a science conference, so I was ready to get on the water! We had a nice paddle. Dan used his new NLP GP with 18 inch loom insert and I used an NLP Aleut-inspired with a 20 inch loom insert - both paddles worked very well and we traded back and forth. There was a pretty good headwind on the way back over to Cattle Point!
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13 km, YTD 158 km

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb 12th - Baynes (#14)

I paddled out to Cadboro Point to have a play in the tide race at Baynes. There were a good number of us there (Gerhardt, Reale, Jo, Sheila, Dave, Scott, Mark, Michel, Dorothea, Yves, Patti) but I managed to get in a few times and have some great rides. I was paddling the Delphin with the Werner Shuna paddle which works well under these conditions. I hope to have some video to upload later...
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click to enlarge - zoom in at Cadboro Point
8 km, YTD 145 km

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feb 11th - Discovery (#13)

Dan, Dennis and I went for a morning paddle out to Chatham and Discovery Islands. The current was running a strong ebb and Dan and I had a "roller coaster ride through it on the way out. The prediction was for close to 6 knots at Race rocks... We made it over to Vantreight, went and played in the sluice, only to find the current was to strong to paddle up through!. We went around the other side of Vantreight only to find the same thing so we decided to portage across a corner of Vantreight!
By the time we came home the current had waned and we had a steady trip back.
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14 km, YTD 137 km

Monday, February 06, 2012

Feb 6th - Discovery Island (#12)

Dan and I went for a morning paddle out around Chatham and Discovery Islands. There was a brisk (15-20 kt) northerly wind and there were some fun waves in Baynes. We stopped for a snack in Rudlin Bay and then again to pick up some crab trap floats and line that had come ashore. It was a good workout, especially the return trip across Baynes. The Northern Lights Aleut-inspired definitely was a good paddle for the day. I could really feel it bit when I wanted some power. We averaged about 3.5 kt throughout.
It has been nice getting out 4 times in 4 days!
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15 km, YTD 123 km

Feb 5th - Port Renfrew (#11)

I went for a short surfing session at the north end of Port Renfrew's beach. There were a bunch of surfers there in the best spot, so I had to accept occasional good waves! However, I did get some great rides and had fun! Another beautiful sunny, calm winter's day! On the way home we stopped for a nice walk at Sandcut Creek.
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5 km, YTD 108 km

Feb 4th - Port Renfrew (#10)

Monica and I went for a paddle up the San Juan River. The tide was on its way out so it was quite an effort to paddle up stream! It was a beautiful afternoon! After we got back to the beach by the lodge, I went for another short surf and again had a few nice rides!
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8 km, YTD 103 km

Feb 3rd - Jordan River (#9)

I went for a quick surf with Gerhardt and James at JR on our way to Port Renfrew. The Delphin and GP  performed well and I had some fun rides.
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3 km, YTD 95 km.