Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30th - caddy bay (#41)

I went out for a short afternoon paddle and roll to clear out some cobwebs. Conditions were decent with a good flood setting up and a nice easterly. A couple of the racers were returning from Swiftsure.
6 km, 3 NM, YTD: 482 km

Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24th - Chatham Island (#40)

I went for a solo paddle in the Tahe out to Chatham Island. I did a runaround Alpha and Griffin Islands and then a tour of the inlet with "cactus islet". Lots of roses and stonecrops in bloom. I enjoyed listening to some tunes on my ipod safely encased in a pelican ipod case.
16 km, 8 NM, YTD 476 km

May 22/23 - Sailing to Rum (not a paddle!)

Monica and I took the Hunter 19 for an overnighter to D'Arcy Island - it was the first time taking it out for a "real trip" and it performed well. We were able to sail up to DArcy on Saturday, do a loop around DArcy in the afternoon as well as a couple of shore excursions. On Sunday we headed up to Rum using the outboard and the jib, did a short walk out to Tom Point and then made our way back against a reasonably bumpy sea. We took another break at DArcy when the wind started to abate and the return trip to cadboro Bay was calmer. The 4 hp outboard seems to be able to keep the Hunter at a reasonable 4 to 5 knot speed.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20th - Caddy Bay (#39)

Christine, Kelly and I went out into Caddy Bay to go over kayak rescues. They were able to demonstrate their wet exits as well as several T rescues,

1 km, 0.5 NM, YTD 460 km

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My 15th - Ladysmith (#38)

I went up to Ladysmith for the paddlefest and gave a towing clinic first thing and then did a rolling demonstration with Alan. The towing clininc and rolling demo went well and it was a great day to play around and in boats!
2 km, 1 NM, YTD 459 km.

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14th - Cadboro Bay (#37)

Dan and I went out for a morning rolling session. We went to the bay between Flower Islet and Cadboro Point and worked on a number of rolls.  On our way out we passed the Pacific Swift –  a beautiful ship! I was able to pull off a couple of swan rolls as well as feeling better about my forward finishing sweep roll. I also felt I could do brick rolls reliably on both sides. I also checked up on my sailboat which is now out on its mooring.
 5km, 3 NM, YTD 457 km

Sunday, May 09, 2010

May 9 - SISKA Campout (#35 and 36)

Monica and I went to Sooke River Campground for the first annual (hopefully) SISKA campout. We camped at the edge of the river and spent Saturday and Sunday doing clinics and paddles and socializing. The weather was excellent and we had a great time. I also got to try stand up paddling! I also got to prcatice quite a few rolls!

ScreenShot298 12 km, 6 NM, YTD 452

Saturday, May 01, 2010

May 1st - Caddy bay (#34)

I went out for a quick solo paddle around the bay in the F1. It was quite a low tide and many of my usual routes were blocked! I saw geese with goslings, river otters, auklets and murrelets. looking at the track plot, I did not realize that Caddy Bay was Juan de Fuca Strait and that the bay was also Esquimalt bird sanctuary…


7 km, 4 NM, YTD 440 km