Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February 14/15/16 - Galapagos Islands (#s 9 to 12)

I managed to get out for a few nice paddles while on board the Lindblad National Geographic Endeavour II.

paddling at Sombrero Chino - click to enlarge

Feb 14 - Isla Eden near Santa Cruz Island

A nice afternoon SUP along the coast of Eden Islet, finishing up with a downwind run to the ship.
Isla Eden - click to enlarge
2 km

Feb 15 - Sombrero Chino islet near Santiago (James) Island

I managed to get out for both a SUP paddle and in a single kayak. It was raining a bit which was a nice change and we saw several penguins
sombrero chino - click to enlarge
1 + 2 km

Feb 16 - Darwin Bay, Genovesa Island

My last paddle of the trip was an early morning paddle along the cliffs of Genovesa near Prince Phillip's steps. I paddled a double with Ashlynn.
Genovesa Island - click to enlarge
1 km
Total paddling distance for the trip was 6 km - YTD 94 km.