Sunday, August 27, 2006

22 km to go!

Well, my original goal was to make 1000 km in the year, but I have now decided that I should modify the goal to be 1000 km before the school year starts on September 5th. It looks as if all I have left is a nice one day paddle!


Cox Bay, Tofino, August 24th (#61)

I was up in Tofino with the family for  a week and had the FC wisper with me. I managed to get out off Chesterman Beach one morning when there was no fog and paddle around Cox Bay. It was a beautiful morning, the tide was way out and the inter tidal zonation was very clear on the rocks. The FC wisper paddled nicely in the swells and it was fun to poke around the rocks and kelp beds.

2006_08_24_COXBAY 6.5 km, 3.5 nm, YTD 978 km

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sidney Island, 13 August (#60)

Monica, Jenny and I set out from Amherst to paddle out to Sidney Island. We went via Ker and Dock islands and had great conditions – a nice ebb current to help us down to Sidney.


33wrimgp4804 33wrimgp4802

2006_08_13_sidney 7.3 nm, 13.5 km, YTD : 972

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mt Douglas to Ogden Point (August 12) (#59)

George and I set out from Mt Douglas Park beach (thanks to Monica for the drop off and pick up) at 9 AM and had a wonderful paddle along Victoria’s coastline. Conditions were sunny and calm and the current was with us as far as Clover Point. I had the Feathercraft Wisper on its inagural saltwater paddle and was very impressed. It had no problem at all keeping up with or ahead of the sirocco. It also rode the waves nicely and did not have any directional control issues. It was also nice to have such a light boat for beaching. I can see myself using the Wisper on regular day paddles…


2006_08_12_ogden11.7 nm, 22 km, YTD: 959

Thursday, August 10, 2006

August 8th and 8th - Oyama (#57 & #58)

I went back to Oyama to pick up “the girls” and of course had to paddle a bit! Managed to get out for a short paddle ( 2 nm) on Tuesday afternoon after my drive out and a longer paddle (5 nm) on  Wednesday. We returned to Victoria on Thursday. I got Monica to take some pics!


2006_08_08&09_oyama 7 nm, 13 km, YTD: 937

Monday, August 07, 2006

August 7th - Discovery Island (#56)

Tony and I headed out from Smuggler’s cove at around 10 AM for a paddle around Chatham and Discovery Islands. Tony was trying out my NF Shadow and I his NDK explorer. Both of us enjoyed each others’ boats. There was a nice flood on our way back with some good standing waves in Baynes.


6.5 nm, 12 km, YTD 924 km.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday July 6 - Race Passage (#55)

Mike, Craig, Mark and I set off from the end of Taylor Road to paddle over to the Race Rocks area. The weather was great east of Pedder bay, but there was fog from Cudlip point west, including the race itself. We had fun in some waves and current and fog and practiced some rolls and rescues. Mike and Mark practiced doing a repair on Mike’s boat.

 Some shots:


33wrimgp4785_resize33wrimgp4786_resize mirages at victoria waterfront

Mike and Mark’s boat repair party!

10.6 nm, 19.6 km, YTD: 912 km

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Parker Island - July 31 to Aug 2 (# 54)

Gordin, Mark, Tony and I went to Gordin’s in law’s place on Parker Island for a couple of nights. We had two great days paddling to and from as well as a nice day paddle around the Montague Harbour area and the cliffs and islets to the north. We also paid a visit to Henessy Hammocks…

 We took to many pics to post easily here, so I have posted them on my pbase gallery at:

 The trip route:2006_08_02_parker

Total trip 34 nm, 63 km, YTD 892