Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Day - Forrest and Coal Islands (#1)

Mike and I  decided to start the year off with a good paddle and set out from Robert's bay at 0930. We had calm dry conditions for launching and the wind gradually built while we made our way to Ker. By the time we got to Forrest, it was blowing nicely from the SE, so we paddled to the south end of Forrest and then let the wind take us to Coal Island. Great ride. I had my small (0.75 sq m) Sprit Sail up and was making great progress without paddling (max speed 15 kph or just over 8 knots!). Mike paddled and got some great rides on the surf. We rounded coal and entered calm quiet waters where we stopped for lunch. Mike found  a bottle with a message in it and is e-mailing the writers... The wind was blowing strongly when we were making our way from Curteis Point to Roberts Bay, making it quite hard work, but conditions were pleasantly exhilarating. We made it back to the beach by about 1330.

Kelp Reef recorded fairly steady SSE winds between 23 and 28 knots for the period from 0900 to 1300.

17.8 km, 8.2 NM, YTD 18 km!

 North of Coal                                          Now you see him...                                Now you don't!

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