Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 15-17 - Oyama/Kalamalka Lake (#s 42-45)

I went up to Oyama to pick up Monica and to take Claire and her friends for a few days. We had several great days of weather and the water was warm. I managed to get out for a nice paddle before breakfast each day and then do some rolling practice later in the day. I paddle the FC wisper all the time and had good success with my rolls and braces. I managed to do several kinds of layback rolls and also a reverse sweep and chest scull. I was working on a storm roll but did not quite have it…

#42 – Aug 14 – 8 km
#43 – Aug 16 – 11 km
#44 – Aug 17 – 14 km
#45 – Aug 17 – 2 km

35 km, 19 NM, YTD 683 km

ScreenShot009 by speed, ScreenShot010 by trackScreenShot011 the cabin areaScreenShot012

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