Monday, August 31, 2009

August 21 to 30 - North Island (#s 84 to 89)

A brief report of our trip… will be posting more details and picytures and video soon

We (Pete, george, dennis and I) drove up to Port Hardy on Friday August 20th. We encountered some heavy rain near Sayward but this had pretty much stopped by the time we got to Hardy. After chatting with Pat from Odyssey Kayaking ( a great help in many ways) we decided to overnight in Hardy at the North Coat trail Backpackers Hostel ( and have a good meal at Sprty’s Bar and Grill (great food!). The folks at the hostel were friendly and the rates were good and it was just around the corner from Odyssey Kayaking and our planned launch spot.

Day 1 August 22nd – Port Hardy to Cape Sutil –

Day 2 August 23rd – Cape Sutil to Guise Bay -

Day 3 – August 24th Guise Bay – stormbound

Day 4 – August 25 – Guise Bay to Hanna Point

Day 5 – Hanna Point, Sea Otter Cove to San Josef Bay

Day 6 – San Josef Bay – stormbound

Day 7 – San Josef Bay to Grant Bay

Day 8 – Grant Bay to Coal Harbour

Our trip track log: ScreenShot190

The zoomable Google Maps track can be found at:

Total trip was 201 km, 108 NM, YTD 1033 km

Average moving speed: 5.6 kph, 3 knots. Moving time: 36 hours

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