Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30th - Discovery (#115)

I joined Alan, Duncan, Doug, Simon, John, Dave, Lynn and Dorothea on the last “Wednesday Paddle” of the year. They were setting out from Oak Bay Marina, so I met them at Great Chain Islet. Conditions were great. A bit of wind and chop in the morning but not bad for the end of December! We had lunch on swing beach (what was left of it as the tide was very high). After lunch we went to Jemmy Jones and over to Cattle POint were I parted ways with the group.

18 km, 10 NM, YTD 1371 km ScreenShot243

Given the nice SE wind, I decided to rig up the Megabyte and took it for an hour’s sail. Conditions were excellent andf I had a blast making my way out to Jemmy Jones and back. I was getting some nice speed around 6 knots or so at times. I saw a lone paddler in the race at Baynes which was looking pretty good… was too far up wind to investigate.


Maybe one more paddling day left this year… my 4 year total is now up to 4794 km!

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