Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 27th - Discovery (#74)

Paulo and I went for a fast morning paddle around Chatham and Discovery Islands. It was rainy and calm when we started and became rainy and windier as we paddled. By the time we returned our hands were feeling the cold - fall/winter paddling has begun! The high school dinghy regatta was taking place when we returned and we went through RVYC and past my mooring buoy (which still is floating!). We kept up a good pace averaging 7.0 kph over the 15 km trip (2 hours and 10 minutes).
My Comfort Paddling Tuilik worked well keeping me dry.
Wildlife sightings included: seals, sea lions, herons, cormorants, harlequins, turnstones, at least three lkinds of gull, and an eagle.
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15 km, YTD 885 km.

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