Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14th - Discovery Island and Orcas (#69)

George and I set out on a foggy morning from Killarney at 9:30 to meet Olivier at Cadboro point. soon after we rounded the corner by Flower Island, we saw orcas. We thin they were transients, but we were not that close. They were near Jemmy Jones when we were at Flower. They continued on past Cadboro Point and off into Haro strait. What a way to start a paddle. The rest of our paddle was relatively uneventful, with good sightings of seals, turkey vultures, kingfishers, oystercatchers and more. We saw the ORS Discovery shuttle in Rudlin bay as well as a group of campers there. We stopped for a snack by Commodore pOint and then made our way back on a slackening flood tide. George and I stopped by Natural C-lection on the way back. I decided to take Natural C-lection back in onto the trailer after we got back.
Orca by Cadboro Point Light
Orcas in the fog

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16 km, YTD 822

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