Monday, December 09, 2019

December 9th - Chatham Island (and wolf!) (#56)

Dan and I went for a paddle around Chatham Island. We decided to make it a shorter paddle and I am so glad we did! We checked out the lagoon on West Chatham and did not go far in as there were 14 great blue herons perched in the tall trees around the lagoon and I did not want to disturb them. As we made our way around the top end of West Chatham (after passing the "sluice" between Vantreight and West Chatham) Takaya trotted across the shallow channel right in front of us! It has been quite a while since I have seen him and to have such a phenomenal view was a real treat. He stayed around and watched us until we left...

I have posted a bunch of images and video of the wolf which I took with my phone at the following link: Wolf Photo Album

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click to enlarge (zoomed in to where we saw the wolf)
zoomed in even more on the location
11 km, YTD 419 km

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