Wednesday, February 03, 2021

February 3rd - Chatham Island (#13)

 I Joined Jennie's group of Wednesday paddlers (Jennie, Julie, Julia, Pat, Diane and Barry) for a play in currents at Cadboro Point. A nice ebb had set in and we had fun ferrying back and forth and playing in the eddies. After a while we decided to head over to Chatham, encountering some lumpy water on the way. The "sluice" was running well and we had fun playing there too. On the way back the current was weaker and we made it over to Jemmy Jones and Cattle Point. We experimented with each others' paddles and I was able to give some pointers on greenland-style paddling. Sunny without too much wind made for a great day on the water. I was not as focussed on birding today so I submitted an incidental ebird list: The view of Mt. Baker today was spectacular!

our lunch spot - click to enlarge

Yours truly playing in the current - click to enlarge

click to enlarge

13 km, TDT 125 km

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