Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 28th - Ten Mile Point (#122)

Gary, Tom and I set out from "Killarney Kayak Base" for a morning paddle. It was the maiden voyage for Gary's new Tahe Greenland T - a great looking boat. Conditions were nice and the ebb was just starting at Cadboro Point. We paddled up to look at Julian's weather station at Ten Mile Point and then made our way back over to the west side of Caddy Bay and noodled along the shoreline and through RVYC. Along the way we did a fair bit of paddle trading. My Superior Carbon, Gary started with a T&J Carbon and Tom was using one of Kent's cedar paddles (875g). All performed well, though I remain convinced that my Superior Carbon is a fantastic paddle.
Today I reached my revise paddling goal for the year! 122 paddles means an average of a paddle every 3 days which seems decent. It looks like the average is pretty close to 10 km per paddle.
Today's track - click to enlarge
8 km, 4 NM, YTD 1202 km

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