Thursday, January 28, 2021

January 28th - Cadboro Bay (#8)

I led a SISKA paddle around the bay this morning. There were four of us in my pod (Liz, Paul, Tim and me). It was a bit chillier and windier than the last one but not too bad. Twenty bird species seen ( but no ancient murrelets! No surf scoter but one female white-winged scoter. I did notice that the pigeon guillemots seem to be darkening up - another sign of spring around the corner?

There was about a 10 knot wind throughout the paddle that made for a bit of lumpy water near Jemmy Jones, but not too bad

RVYC winds today

The wind report came from the RVYC weather station.

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9 km, YTD 72 km

Update 20120130: Tim shot a few pictures and sent them to me:

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trying to paddle through the swing! click to enlarge

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