Friday, January 29, 2021

January 29th - Discovery Island (#9)

Dan and I saw a nice morning weather window in the forecast and went out in glassy conditions for a paddle around the islands. The wind picked up a little bit after the first hour or so but was not that bad. We saw lots of bald eagles on Discovery and possibly one golden eagle (but I am not confident enough to count it!) The current gave us quite a boost heading down Baynes Channel!

There were a lot of black oystercatchers around as well as cormorants. I also saw more pigeon guillemots that have turned towards summer plumage! No ancient murrelets seen today. We also saw a group of four male Califormia sea lions. We saw them on the way out in the middle of Cadboro Bay and on the way back near "old boat point". No Steller's sea lions seen out at Seabird Point on Discovery.

I wonder if the weekend weather will allow me to get ten paddles and 100km in the first month of the year! :)

nice light this morning - click to enlarge

Dan out ahead of me - click to enlarge

click to enlarge

15 km, YTD 87 km

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