Sunday, August 26, 2007

August 26 - Pedder Bay (#53)

Bill, Paolo and I set out from Wier’s beach near William head and followed the coastline around William Head, Pedder Bay, inside Bentinck Island, Christopher Point, Whirl bay and eventually to a beach by Large Bedford Island. Conditions were nice and we avoided the wind and any flood current by hugging the shore and pokinmg around islets. After lunch the wind had built a bit and the current was flooding strongly. I put up the PA sail and we cruised quickly from the Bedfords to Pedder Bay by way of Race Pasage. Once in Pedder Bay, the wind was at our side and there seemed to be a current eddy pushing us out, so it was slow going from there back to the beach. A very nice day, sunny, breezy but not too much. The winds at Race rocks rose gradually from 15 knots at 10 AM when we started to 25 at 3 PM when we finished.

W20imgp1143 Bill and some deerW20imgp1145 A narrow channel

23.5 km, 13 NM, YTD 919 km ScreenShot058 ScreenShot059 two views of the track

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