Tuesday, August 07, 2007

August 7th - Albert Head to Witty's lagoon (#43)

Gordin and I set out from Albert Head lagoon and paddled leisurely along the shoreline to Witty’s lagoon for lunch and back. We explored the shoreline and saw a bunch of kelp which seemed to be suffering from something – many heads had no fronds and were bleached and almost eaten-looking on one side. I also enjoyed seeing all the pillow basalt lava close up and from the ocean. We also had a nice chat with an American couple who were just finishing up a year long sailing trip from Seattle to Mexico to Hawaii and back. Lots of seals with pups along the shore. The weather was grey but quite calm.


W20imgp1053 W20imgp1056 some damaged kelp

W20imgp1068seal and pup W20imgp1092GordinW20imgp1090 Pillow basalts

12 km, 6.4 NM, YTD 765 km


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