Sunday, August 05, 2007

August 5th - Rum Island (#42)

Bill, Roscoe, Gordin, Kent, Paolo and I set out from Amherst and made our way around to Roberts Bay where we met up with Heike and Hans. We paddled out through the Little Group, past Dock Islet, through the Greig Islets, past Reay, Brethour and Comet Islands to the North Beach at Rum. W had a very lesiurely lunch break and then made our way back along the south side of Gooch Island, over to Forrest island and back to Amherst with a short stop at Ker Island. A beautiful sunny day with virtually no wind.


Paddling along the south side of Gooch:W20imgp1052

21 km, 11.3 NM, YTD 753 km.

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